Summer 21/22 - U10 Girls

Please ensure you (or your parents) contact your coach prior to the first scheduled training session or game

All teams must have a nominated Team Manager by Round 2.  Please email Team Manager details including Team Name (i.e. G12/6), your name, email address and mobile number to [email protected]

Any concerns or questions regarding teams should be sent via email to [email protected] and not directly to the Boys or Girls coordinator. Any messages, emails, or phone calls made directly to the coordinators will not be responded to.

Good luck for the season and GO WASPS.

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Team Name G10/1 Return to Teams
Coach Matt Shanahan 0407 773 103
Team Manager    
Training Day Monday
Training time 5:00pm to 6:00pm
Training venue SBC Crt 6
Players & singlet number Nbr Name
  Elesha Interlligi
  June Barker
  Taya McCoy
  Izabelle Shanahan
  Taylah Oconnell
  Olivia Harrup
  Saisha Bowman
Team Name G10/2 Return to Teams
Coach John Michel 03 9729 6838
Team Manager    
Training Day Wednesday
Training time 5:00pm to 6:00pm
Training venue The Knox School
Players & singlet number Nbr Name
  Brianna Maloney
  Isabelle Lindsay
  Imogen Martin
  Brianna Zabilowicz
  Lulu Scott
  Peyton Peavey
  Aimee Ryan
  Emma Lacchiana
Team Name G10/3 Return to Teams
Coach Makayla Vinen 0447 295 907
Team Manager    
Training Day Tuesday
Training time 5:30pm to 6:30pm
Training venue Waverley Christian College
Players & singlet number Nbr Name
  Emily  Cobb
  Zaara Vohra
  Esther Hsiao
  Valerie Pham
  Tenae Stevenson
  Bianna Yatawara
  Aadya Minocha
  Rebecca Batten