Winter 2015 U18 Girls

Please ensure you (or your parents) make contact with your coach prior to the first scheduled training session.

All teams must have a nominated Team Manager by Round 2.  Please email Team Manager details including Team Name (i.e. G12/6) your name, email address and mobile number to [email protected]

Good luck for the season and GO WASPS

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Team Name G18/1  
Coach Simone Priest 0401 500 574
Team Manager    
Players & singlet number 3 Madison Riley
7 Brooke Priest
20 Jessica Osborne
21 Emma Lynch
35 Kayla Hicks
44 Kaitlyn Vido
52 Takani McGrath
Team Name G18/2  
Coach Paul O'Brien 0419 561 446
Team Manager    
Players & singlet number 40 Alanah Peverelle
11 Gabrielle O'Brien
51 Alexandra Linke
25 Katerina Balis
14 Mia Madger
41 Tiffany Christiana
45 Teaghan Verhallen
10 Kristen Madjer
Team Name G18/3  
Coach Jim Duncan 0412 421 148
Team Manager    
Players & singlet number 2 Kristy LoGiusto
4 Phoebe Du Plooy
5 Sarah Woger
6 Alexandra Stanojevic
7 Ashlea Duncan
24 Erin Wright
31 Milly Reid
34 Molly Congreve
  Shannon Warysczuk