Winter 17 U23 Girls

Please ensure you (or your parents) make contact with your coach prior to the first scheduled training session or game (if no training).

All teams must have a nominated Team Manager by Round 2.  Please email Team Manager details including Team Name (i.e. G20/1), your name, email address and mobile number to [email protected]

Good luck for the season and GO WASPS.

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Team Name G23/1 Return to Teams
Coach Krissy McNiece 0412 638 669
Team Manager    
Players & singlet number 15 Deane Gilbert
4 Amy Syer
5 Jade Nicol
13 Katia Oversby
22 Meika Hubble
23 Roslyn Kells
52 Kalsi McGrath
Team Name G23/2 Return to Teams
Coach Jim Duncan 0423 025 963
Team Manager    
Players & singlet number 4 Shannon Waryszcuk
7 Ashlea Duncan
15 Nicole Ridley
22 Ellen Sullivan
25 Katerina Balis
44 Natalie Vido
45 Teaghan Verhallen
50 Kaitlyn Vido
Team Name G23/3 Return to Teams
Coach Craig Thompson 0478 975 572
Team Manager    
Players & singlet number 6 Kelsey Benning
13 Jessye Scott
15 Shalia Rehman
41 Shannon Lamont
44 Jess Pallett
53 Emily Thompson
4 Phoebe Du Plooy
1 Emily Newstead
7 Abbey Thompson