Summer 2018 - U19 Boys

Please ensure you (or your parents) make contact with your coach prior to the first scheduled training session or game (if no training).

All teams must have a nominated Team Manager by Round 2.  Please email Team Manager details including Team Name (i.e. G20/1), your name, email address and mobile number to [email protected]

Good luck for the season and GO WASPS.

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Team Name B19/1 Return to Teams
Coach Vince Maida 0417 336 284
Team Manager    
Players & singlet number 5 Frankie Gargaro
15 Jacob Verhallen
12 Leeam Stevens
55 Nicholas Spencer
19 Nicholas Lopez
1 Liam Atkinson
25 Chris Maida
22 Jonathon On
17 Samuel Zhang
Team Name B19/2 Return to Teams
Team Manager    
Players & singlet number 30 Jarroyd Amor
4 Lachlan Casey
50 Jarrod Lloyd
24 Jesse Dixon
13 Lewis White
21 Yash Doshi
16 Ivan Boskovic
15 Luka Boskovic
Team Name B19/3 Return to Teams
Coach Fiona Tan  0412 084886
Team Manager    
Players & singlet number 20 Oliver Viergever
12 Tim Bulman
13 Andreas Fittje
14 Rhys Tan
16 Jesse Hill
24 Nathan Ball
27 Daniel Coulthard
25 Nathan Duncan
Team Name B19/4 Return to Teams
Coach Rachel Barlow  
Team Manager    
Players & singlet number 4 Damon Cameron
9 Harry O'Reilly
21 Jack Clifton
7 Nick Sleeman
32 Jackson Plant
1 Kyle Tate
8 Luke Morrison
50 Jack Williamson